Prestamos loan fund

- a maximum of 4 drawdowns will be accepted for the disbursement of the loan. deemed fundable investment:- the acquisition of productive assets materials.(=money)   obtener or conseguir un préstamo   to subscribe a loan      suscribir un préstamo   i asked for the loan of the book      le pedí prestado el libro.

in particular, this will apply to projects eligible for funding with jeremie-igape loans, or other similar programmes implemented as a part of the erdf 2014-2020 programme.) in the case of the igape-eib-investment loan programme, loans may be made available to enterprises that do not fit the definition of being an sme, providing they belong to the motor vehicle sector.- in the case of igape-eib-working capital loans, these may be awarded to companies that undertake industrial activities as defined in sections b and c of the spanish national classification of economic activities (cnae) for 2009, as well as any other activities whose geographic scope of operation includes foreign markets.

más ejemplos de traduccion inglés-español en contexto para “loan”. puede completar la traducción de loan propuesta por el diccionario collins inglés-español consultando otros diccionarios: wikipedia, lexilogos, oxford, cambridge, chambers harrap, wordreference, collins, merriam-webster..- financial holding companies or leasing companies may not receive financing through the loans described in these regulations.

- the maximum period for disposing of the loan will be 1 year from its formalisation. amount of the loan granted by the igape may be lower than the requested amount and the maximum limits indicated above, if, as a result of the technical analysis of the project, of the eligible investment, of the company’s financial requirements, of an evaluation of the reimbursement capacity, of an analysis of the risks associated with the operation, of the guarantees offered, of the need to increase its equity or ability to access alternative financing, it considers it justifiable to provide a lower amount. will not be granted to projects eligible for support from other financial instruments managed by the igape as direct loans.

minimum amount of the loans of this kind that may be requested from the igape is €150,000, up to a maximum of €500,000. ello, como se recoge en su folleto en la comisión nacional del mercado de valores (cnmv), el fil -cuyo nombre es una réplica, arcano european senior secured loan fund- invertirá la totalidad de su patrimonio en las clases de acciones e-acc y e-dis del fondo subyacente luxemburgués. or eligible costsaccording to the type of loan, the actions to be financed must meet the following eligibility criteria:A) loans igape-bei-current assets, allocated to finance the working capital required for structural business growth. Pedir credito rapido and Credito rapido 15 minutos ) loans igape-bei-investment fund new investments and / or interventions extension or improvement of existing facilities, to be held in the region of galicia.- economic analysis of the project (economic forecasts for the loan period, financing structure, profitability and cash flow forecasts).) in the case of the igape-eib-working capital loan programme, the companies must have their registered offices and tax residence in galicia.

bei loans igape-investment-the period of implementation of the project will start on the date the holder to present loan application, and will end on the date indicated in the grant agreement. of supportloans that will not be considered as state aid, awarded on a non-competitive basis, of two kinds:A) igape-eib-working capital loans, aimed at providing a source of stable working capital that allows galician industrial or exporting companies to strengthen their financial structure to undertake plans for growth. are here:inicio base xeral de axudas grants by department igape- instituto galego de promoción económica  ig142 - igape loans for funding working capital and investments with european investment bank funds (2015).

the case of companies created within the last 42 months, whose financial statements for the financial year do not represent their needs for working capital, the igape may decide on the maximum amount of the loan based on the increase of the structural working capital using another alternative criterion. loan y muchas más palabras con el diccionario inglés-español de reverso.- companies receiving the loans will have 4 months from the date of being informed of the approval of the operation in order to formalise it, after which period the loan will be cancelled and the file closed, unless any reasons are presented that justify extending this period.

the amount of the loan will not exceed 50% of the eligible investment under any circumstances.-economic analysis of the project (economic forecasts for the loan period, financing structure, profitability and cash flow forecasts). igape-eib-working capital loans granted by the igape will have a maximum repayment period of 5 years, and may include a grace period for a maximum of 1 year.

of the regulations, within the limits for the amount of loans of this kind set out in financing agreements signed between the igape and the eib.) igape-eib-investment loans, aimed at financing investment projects in galicia, primarily in the industrial sector and which are strategically relevant.- igape-eib-investment loans: to facilitate funding for investments in galicia, complementary to personal financing.

additional rate: this will be determined according to the credit rating of the beneficiary company at the moment of granting the loan, and the level of guarantees offered to the igape. in any event this period may not exceed the grace period for repaying the loan. investment goods subject to funding must be acquired property to third parties by the beneficiary. Credito en minutos, . in the case of igape-eib-investment loans, the maximum repayment period will be 12 years, without exceeding the economic and technical lifespan of the assets being financed. además de su nuevo lanzamiento, están presentes el fil arcano european income fund y la sicav juno inversiones 2014..- for igape-eib-investment loans:-origin and justification (necessity, opportunity and appropriateness of the project or action with regard to the company). Prestamos al instant e gram.

.- for igape-eib-working capital loans:-justification of the need to increase its working capital: growth forecast and financing requirements.- loans may be awarded to:A) trading companies considered as independent smes according to article 2. fund      n   fondo    m   de crédito para empréstitos  ♦. Prestamos super urgentes

Ón loan en espanol, diccionario Ingles - Espanol, definición, consulte también 'loan account',amortizable loan',call loan',home loan'Home › noticias › arcano lanza un fil que invertirá en su estrategia luxemburguesa de préstamos sindicados y bonos flotantes. in this case, these loan operations must be formally authorised beforehand by the eib..- declaration of other loans obtained from the budget of the autonomous region of galicia, and their current situation.