Mini vending machine

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expendedora mini vending , recreativa modelo raton , fabricado en fibra de vidrio , medidas 120 cm. Prestamo rapido de 600 euros, vending is specially designed for spaces like companies, airports, schools or fitness clubs. Mini prestamos online nuevos

designed to make work easier automatic juice vending machine with the refrigerated juice extraction original system installed on rails, built-in waste bin,electronic control, information display and self-cleaning system that can be programmed by times or number of juices produced.

display to configure and programme the machine according to your needs.

the information in real time remote control by communication kit; the operator can send a text message to know the state of the machine at any moment (temperature, number of services, takings). Creditos personales bancarios

can configure the machine to squeeze and dispense the juice as you wish.

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o v e d a d - 2016 - expendedora - maquina expendedora mini vending , recreativa , fabricado en fibra de vidrio , medidas 120 cm.

generation vending machine with our automatic vending machine you can offer a new healthy snack concept to your clients.

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locks have been manufactured for vending machines, and they feature every model and cylinder size required for most machines in the market.