Mini keg beer

® one-way pet kegs are produced in a clean room environment and are delivered dry, clean, sterile, co2- flushed, pre-pressurized and ready to fill.

cooling chamber at optimum temperature for the pre-cooled mini kegs.

we supply d, s, a and g type connectors which make the dolium® one-way pet kegs compatible to existing filling lines.

® one-way pet kegs are designed for a single trip from filler to consumer, ideal for opening or growing export markets, increasing sales capacity without investments, and for peak sales periods.

° encuentro internacional de coleccionistas de miniaturas de licormi colecciónbeer mini keg (5 lts. Mini australian shepherd and Minicreditos al instante por telefono ® one-way pet kegs are safe, easy to use and 100% recyclable.

dolium® one-way pet kegs there is no need to clean, recover or repair stainless steel kegs.

dolium® one-way pet kegs are available in two sizes: 20l and 30l.

pub keg tapping system designed with polished front panel and matching drip tray cover.