califican sus acciones de “vandalismo razonable” y se comunican por internet. allí estoy trabajando en el «system shock 3», que es un proyecto francamente increíble, pues es la secuela de un juego en el que trabajé en 1994 y que sigue teniendo muy buena acogida. lovers, inmigrants, travelers, mad people, teenagers, artists, dreamers, outsiders,… interact in the street and make it an “autonomus zone” where everything can happend… so when i paint narrative images on the street, these images interact with life fading away from an art perspective.

/ last year, a big hole appeared in perm región and it continues to grow wider and deeper. palmarés de los premios fun & serious premiados de honor: yuji naka (sonic), warren spector (deux ex, system shock) y harvey smith (dishonored)mejor videojuego: «uncharted 4: el desenlace del ladrón»mejor diseño artístico: «dishonored 2»mejor diseño narrativo: «watch dogs 2»mejor diseño de juego: «dark souls 3»videojuego revelación: «oxenfree»mejor banda sonora: «uncharted 4»mejor idea original: «oxenfree»mejor interpretación: «uncharted 4» (roberto encinas)mejor juego independiente: «inside»mejor juego deportivo: «fifa 17»mejor juego de conducción: «forza horizon 3»mejor juego familiar: «pokémon go»mejor serious game: «incibe»mejor proyecto universitario: «intruders: hide and seek»premio a una saga: «civilization»temasvideojuegostecnologíatoda la actualidad en portada enviar noticia por correo electrónicotu nombre *tu correo electrónico *su correo electrónico *compartircompartido vecesmás noticias en tecnología. it is the same condition for human beings in our digestive process; swallow, assimilate, digest, and throw away.

videojuego de rol y acción en tercera persona reinicia la serie cuya trilogía original dejó buen sabor de boca y manda a los jugadores a una nueva galaxia por explorar. the market and the politicians monopolise street for its own benefit, against people. searching references from the museum itself to paint a big mural, playing the limits between what is and what isn´t.

separada del pueblo por grandes murallas y profundos fosos, cada día daba órdenes a sus leales para que las condiciones de vida de campesinos y trabajadores fuesen aceptables. so many thanks to fermin, dasha, nailya…and all the crew taht made this project happends. even if these images could be captured in photos and submitted as art images on books and magazines, i feel that its interaction with pedestrians will be in life terms and not in spectacle terms.

they justify thei actions as “reasonable hooliganism” and communicate it online. el cuadro cambiando la celda, escriba la referencia de la celda que contiene el valor que desea ajustar. en mi opinión, una entrega es buena cuando el jugador recibe una experiencia única.

“signalize the stage up on the stage” is a test to “sterilize” the museum itself and extract life from him./ so we put a museum phone on the exhibition…… and we distribute some advertisements with this nice offer around some creepy areas on perm.“greetings from molotov” seeks to influence the space for dialogue that arises between the visitor’s curiosity and permeability of uncharted territory.

. hide money into museum walls / we hide some bills in the wall of the exhibition space to increase the price of the building. a few months meditation, we start again with some changes in blog, structure and mind. plan is to print a first edition of 1000 copies, hard cover, 300 pages, sized 17,5 x 24 cm, full color in different papers and different textures.

español artur segarra, condenado a muerte por el asesinato de david bernat en tailandia. we were able to swim in the beach and eat ice cream every day. police have intercepted many of their messages, distinguished by their ideology and literary quality.

! c/ alex y staxx | garry's mod (hide and seek) #31 - duration: 4 minutes, 55 seconds. i was wondering if it´s possible to paint a big mural and avoid spectacularization claws? hard cover, 330 pages, sized 17,5 x 24 cm, full color in 4 different papers and different tastes….

los implicados pertenecen a un grupo denominado razonamiento siempre manda./ a big drama that government try to cover on white snow and dark smoke. a more poetic perspective “greetings from molotov” highlights the need to open doors, build pathways, open spaces to enable accessibility, invent bridges and relationships; formal and conceptual.

” a chronicle reporter has managed to unravel the messages that these thugs, boys between 14 and 17 from upper middle class, chat on the internet. when the sun didn´t get out, we profit to play in the street … to hide and seek, cops and robbers, blind man’s buff … or make small ittle shits like these …. lets try to make advantage from limitations, trying to erase frontiers between life and spectacle.

Dinero hide and seek

art tag is a frontier between a street intervention and the viewer. even if we live on a spectacle society that reach every shape around us, street (on its poetical meaning) get to keep its own freedom and scape from social spectacularization. las dos primeras entregas vendieron más de un millón de copias, y a la gente le sigue gustando.

the show opened the 1st october and can be visited till the 15th november./ body culture/ a little exercise about body and walls and space and …whatever. tear down the establishment and find a new order and meaning .

. agrandir de 5 cm le passage piétons / enlarge 5 cm the pedestrian crossing 5 cm. what is an exibition and what isn´t an exibition? these are just words, full of contradictions and words, mostly,  are blown with the wind.